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Rustic Wedding Ideas: 30 Ways to Use Mason Jars

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Incorporating some mason jars, lace, ribbon, or some twine into your wedding planning will make it a dream rustic-themed event. There’re many ways to use mason jars on your big day, like centerpieces, hanging decorations, aisle decorations, etc.  What’s even more exciting is that mason jars can work perfectly with candles; that’s what I love most!

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason jars make a lovely centerpiece all on their own, grouped together, or paired with other items. They’re opening is very small so it doesn’t take a lot of flowers to fill a mason jar when you’re using it as a vase. You can wrap ribbon, lace, or twine around a mason jar to really dress it up.

rustic mason jars and candles wedding centerpiece ideas

country rustic mason jars inspired wedding centerpieces ideas

Aisle Decorations

Mason jars make adorable aisle decorations because they hang so lovely from a shepherd’s hook. They also look great when they are placed on logs or on upside down buckets and they are easy to move so they can be repurposed for the reception.

rustic outdoor wedding aisle decorations with mason jars and flowers


Mason Jars Inspired Stationery

Mason jar inspired stationary is sure to set the right tone for your rustic wedding. It will give the sense to your guests that this is going to be a relaxed, rustic soirée and they should definitely attend.

string lights and mason jars rustic fall wedding invitations EWI395_2 rustic mason jars inspired chalkboard wedding invitations.jpg

simple sunflower and mason jar wedding invitations EWI355 sparkle string lights mason jars country wedding invitations EWI398

Wedding Drinks

Your signature cocktail, peach tea, or fresh squeezed lemonade will taste so much better when it’s served from a mason jar. Dress them up with labels, fun straws, or have them etched or printed as a take-home favor for your guests.

diy wedding drinks with mason jars for country wedding ideas

Lights Up Decorations

Mason jars make amazing lighting accents. You can fill them with candles twinkly lights and you have an instant rustic inspired chandelier or accent lighting.

vintage rustic mason jar wagon wheel chandelier wedding decoration ideas

mason jars inspired rustic wedding hang decorations


Mason jars can be filled with endless items, but their main function is to store food and your guests will be so excited to eat that chocolate candy the day after your wedding or have a jar of your grandmother’s raspberry jam to spread on their toast at breakfast next day.

unique diy wedding favors you will love diy wedding favors with mason jars

Gey Some Invitation Ideas

bohemian rustic spring flower glittery rose gold laser cut invitations EWWS085 burgundy floral wedding invitation with matching vellum paper belly band EWI466 fall rustic burgundy laser cut wrap with floral wedding invitations ewws285 1

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