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Shades of Green Wedding Color Ideas and Wedding Invitations

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Green is my all time favorite color, it’s a color that looks good on me (depending on the shade) it’s a color that makes me feel good, energized and fresh! It also puts a smile on my face. There’s probably not many people who can say they’ve never smiled or been overwhelmed by a gorgeous green landscape filled with trees and mountains right? Well you’d be surprised by the number of brides I’ve met who have simply turned their nose up at the suggestion of green in her wedding, but have immediately changed their minds after seeing some creative and awe inspiring ideas on how to use this truly amazing color. There are so many beautiful shades, so it can depend on the season you plan to wed in, what style of wedding it is, relaxed or formal? And once you’ve worked out a few simple questions you’ll be able to decide on the right shade of green for you.

shades of green wedding color ideas 2015 trends

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Emerald immediately gives you an air of sophistication that no other shade of green can offer. It’s a bold color that is both classic and elegant! It looks breath taking and well rather expensive, so should you choose emerald, make sure you use it in a very formal reception that will certainly wow the pants of each and every guest.

vintage emerald green wedding color ideas

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If you want a rustic style wedding, then nothing is going to work more perfect than sage green. Taken from the herb sage, its natural shade has an earthy tone and feel to it, making it an ideal choice for a woodland outdoor wedding.

chic rustic sage green wedding color ideas

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Not quite as zesty as it’s popular friend lime, both olive is great for spring and summer seasons with their naturally bright coloring. It looks fresh and exciting and will really help to bring out that natural brightness without looking fake and overbearing.

fresh olive green wedding color ideas 2015 trends

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Mint is just about one of the only shades of green that gets the ‘green light’ in weddings. Pastels have been huge over the last few years and this has really helped mint become increasingly popular, it is also a gorgeous cool shade that looks fabulous with gold and successfully portrays an ultra glam feel.

mint green and pink wedding color ideas

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Grayed Jade

Our last shade of green that is a must is grayed Jade, it’s such a sophisticated color that works well any season really, but looks ever so magical in winter and late autumn weddings. Try this shade with ivory, gray and silver to really make the most of this fabulous elegant color.

grayed jade wedding colors for winter weddings

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