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Special Wednesday—Top 10 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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Wedding guest book is a way of your guests writing you a short not that you can look back on in years to come, a memento from your day. The style of guest books are now getting more and more interests and couples are looking for new and unique ways to get their guests to leave a memento. Here are some creative ideas for wedding guest book.

wedding guest book puzzles

The Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Each guest has one piece of the puzzle to sign each and it’s your job as the couple to then put them together.

wine corks wedding guest ideas

Wine Corks
If you and your fiancé are wine lovers, have guests sign wine corks and house them in a great vase or vessel that you can later use as décor to display in your home, perhaps near your bar area.

creative guest books


typewriter wedding guest book idea

The Typewriter
Here your guests get the chance to type out messages on preselected cards or letter paper, which can then be stored in whichever way you choose. The Typewriting table can be a real feature at the wedding and at least you know you are going to be able to read your guests handwriting.

guest book box


wedding guest book box

Guest Book Boxes
Decorate the unique box as you are and have your guests get write you a message on a designed card. Guest book boxes can be perfectly matched with your wedding theme.

guest book table

Guest Book Table
Make a real feature of the guest book and tie it in with the theme of your wedding can be a wonderful choice.

guest book wedding wish tree


wedding wish trees

Wish Trees
Wish trees are becoming more and more popular, which is as simple as decorative as you wish. Have your guests get to write a message on a small piece of card or paper and then tie it to a decorative tree.

fingerprints guest book

Fingerprint Guest Book
Guests stamp their fingerprints to help create an original piece of art as well as memorable moment.

photo wedding guest book

Polaroid Book
Update the traditional photo album with a fun, retro feel by placing a Polaroid camera on a table along with colored pens and have your guests take shots of themselves or each other and sign or write fun notes on the bottom of the photos. You can even string up clothes lines for guests to pin their photo creations on to jazz up the reception.

suitcase wedding guest book idea


wedding guest book suitcase

Guests are giving a postcard to write on and then left to pop it in the suitcase, perfect for destination weddings and vintage wedding ideas.

wedding guest signature plate

Signature Plate
Have guests sign a ceramic platter or plate you can later use to display.

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