{Special Wednesday}Unique Wedding Cakes for You

wedding cakes

mint green wedding cake

Let’s look at these gorgeous wedding cakes! I have gone through a pulled a few of my favorite wedding cakes to share with you this Special Wednesday. The above wedding cake features mint green, gold and white, making the perfect color combination. It is very suitable for a mint green theme wedding which is one of the hottest wedding themes in these years.

blue wedding cakes


fall wedding cakes

pink and white polka dot wedding cakes

The above flower theme wedding cakes can be used in summer or fall theme weddings.

beach wedding cake

Here comes a beach wedding cake which is of course perfect for a beach theme wedding.

indian orange and pink wedding cakes

gold fall wedding cake

The above two are Indian theme wedding cakes.

white and blue wedding cake

A hint of Tiffany Blue wedding cake.

unique lace wedding cakes

Lace theme wedding cake.

square wedding cakes

shabby chic wedding cakes

pink ribbon wedding cakes

orange square wedding cakes

cupcake wedding cakes

black and white wedding cakes

amazing orange wedding cake

white daisy flower wedding cakes


Image Credits: The Wedding Chickstorontoweddingsociety.com, Style Unveiled, Carrie’s Cakesthecupcakedailyblog.com

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