Stunning Wedding Color Ideas In Shades Of Purple And Silver

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Purple is a great color to use for a wedding. Both captivating and luxurious, purple is a color that comes in many different shades that makes purple suitable for almost any occasion. Purple looks good next to almost any color, so it’s a pretty versatile color to work with. The color  I recommend you today to combine with purple is silver, hope you enjoyed following purple silver wedding color ideas.

lovely lavendar purple and silver wedding ideas

purple and glitter silver wedding ideas and wedding invitations

dark purple and silver wedding color ideas


pearl-silver-ribbon-lilac-layered-wedding-cards-EWLI0061 romantic-butterfly-lavender-silver-glittery-laser-cut-wedding-invitations-EWWS114 classic-purple-satin-ribbon-heart-rhinestone-layered-wedding-invites-EWLI008-1

Luxury classic gate fold Luxury ribbon wedding invites


romantic wedding color ideas in shades of purple and silver

elegant purple and silver laser cut foil stamped wedding invitations EWWS109

Gorgeous Purple and Silver Wedding Decorations and Centerpieces

stunning purple and silver wedding decorations and centerpieces

vintage silver and purple wedding centerpieces

Purple & Silver Wedding Favors

cheap romantic purple laser cut butterfly wedding favor box

purple bling bling silver bow wedding favor box

Chic Calla Lily Purple Satin Wedding Favor Bags

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