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Sweet Blush and Navy Wedding Inspiration for the 2023 Bride

2023 wedding colors

Sweet Blush and Navy Wedding Inspiration for the 2023 Bride

Are you a bride-to-be planning your wedding for 2023? If so, you might be wondering what color scheme to choose for your big day. One option that is both timeless and on-trend is the combination of sweet blush and navy. Choosing the right color scheme for your wedding is important because it sets the tone and creates the ambiance for your special day. Sweet blush and navy are a perfect combination because they are romantic, elegant, and versatile. These colors can work for any type of wedding, whether you’re having a formal ballroom affair or a casual beach wedding. In this blog, we’ll explore five inspirations for incorporating these colors into your wedding.

Inspiration 1: Blush Dresses and Navy Suits

One way to incorporate blush and navy into your wedding is through attire. Consider dressing your bridesmaids in blush dresses and the groomsmen in navy suits. This creates a striking contrast that looks great in photos and is sure to impress your guests. Blush dresses are a romantic and feminine choice, while navy suits are classic and sophisticated. This combination is perfect for a formal wedding or an outdoor summer wedding.

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Inspiration 2: Blush and Navy Florals

Another way to incorporate these colors is through your floral arrangements. Use blush and navy flowers to create stunning centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres. You can also add greenery or metallic accents to make the arrangements pop. Flowers are an essential part of any wedding, and using blush and navy flowers is a great way to tie your color scheme together.

Blush and Navy Florals

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Inspiration 3: Blush Table Settings with Navy Accents

For your reception, consider using blush tablecloths with navy accents. This could include navy napkins, chargers, or even navy floral arrangements as a centerpiece. This combination is both elegant and modern, and is sure to impress your guests. Table settings are one of the first things your guests will see when they enter your reception, so it’s important to make them look beautiful.

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Inspiration 4: Navy Wedding Cake with Blush Accents

If you’re looking for a unique twist on the traditional white wedding cake, consider a navy cake with blush accents. This is a bold choice that is sure to stand out, and it also provides a great opportunity for a photo op. Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception, and a blush and navy cake will definitely make a statement.


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Inspiration 5: Blush and Navy Stationery

Finally, consider incorporating these colors into your wedding stationery. Use blush and navy for your invitations, programs, and even your seating chart. This is a great way to tie everything together and create a cohesive look for your wedding. Your wedding invitations are the first impression your guests will have of your wedding, so it’s important to make them beautiful.

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In conclusion, a sweet blush and navy color scheme is a beautiful and versatile choice for any wedding. By incorporating these colors into your attire, florals, table settings, wedding cake, and stationery, you’ll create a cohesive and stunning look for your special day. Make sure to keep these inspirations in mind as you plan your wedding with the sweet blush and navy color scheme. Happy planning!

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