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Coastal Romance: Teal and Coral Weddings Making Waves in 2023

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Are you planning for your upcoming wedding? Do you want to have a unique theme that captures the essence of romance and adventure? Then, consider having a coastal romance theme with teal and coral colors. These two colors complement each other perfectly, and they evoke a sense of serenity, warmth, and love.

In 2023, coastal romance weddings are making waves in the wedding industry. It’s not surprising since many couples nowadays want to have a wedding that reflects their personalities and interests. A coastal romance wedding is perfect for couples who love the beach, the sea, and the outdoors. It’s a theme that is both elegant and laidback, and it creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere for the couple and their guests.

If you’re planning for your teal and coral wedding, here are some inspirations and ideas that can help you create the perfect coastal romance wedding.

Inspiration #1: Invitations

Your wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding. They are the first glimpse of what your guests can expect on your special day. Therefore, it’s essential to choose invitation designs that capture the essence of your coastal romance theme. Consider incorporating seashells, starfish, or waves into your invitations. Also, use coral or teal colored envelopes to make them stand out.

Inspiration #2: Bridesmaids Dresses

Your bridesmaids are an integral part of your wedding entourage. Therefore, it’s essential to dress them up in colors that complement your theme. Dress your bridesmaids in teal or coral dresses or use different shades of the same color to add depth and dimension to your bridal party. You can also consider adding seashell or starfish accessories to their outfits to tie in your coastal romance theme.

Inspiration #3: Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is a centerpiece of your reception. Therefore, it’s essential to have a cake that not only tastes delicious but also looks stunning. Consider having a coral and teal cake with seashell or starfish decorations. You can also opt for a more subtle approach by using coral and teal accents on a white cake. Your wedding cake will surely be Instagram-worthy with these designs.

Inspiration #4: Table Settings

Your table settings are another opportunity to incorporate your theme into your reception. Use teal or coral tablecloths, napkins, or table runners. Add seashell or starfish decorations to complete the look. You can also use natural elements like driftwood, sand, or shells to create a beachy vibe. Your guests will surely appreciate the attention to detail in your table settings.

Inspiration #5: Bouquets

Your bouquet is a beautiful accessory for any bride. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a bouquet that complements your theme. Consider incorporating coral and teal flowers into your bouquet. You can also use seashell or starfish accents to tie in your coastal romance theme. Your bouquet will surely be a stunning accessory that will complement your wedding dress.

Inspiration #6: Favors

Your wedding favors are a way of thanking your guests for sharing your special day with you. Consider giving out coastal-inspired favors like seashell or starfish shaped bottle openers or candles in coral or teal colors. You can also opt for edible favors like cookies or chocolates with beachy designs. Your guests will surely appreciate these thoughtful tokens.

Inspiration #7: Venue

Your wedding venue is an essential element of your wedding. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a venue that complements your theme. Consider a beach or waterfront location with teal and coral accents. You can also use seashell or starfish decorations to complete the look. Your wedding venue will surely be a picturesque location that will create lasting memories for you and your guests.

In conclusion, a teal and coral wedding is a perfect way to celebrate your love and evoke the romance and adventure of the coast. These inspirations are just a few ideas to get you started on planning a wedding that perfectly captures your coastal romance theme. Remember to have fun and enjoy your special day!

Make your wedding a memorable one with a coastal romance theme!

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