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The 10 Perfect Fall Wedding Color Combos To Steal

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The charm of a fall wedding is irresistible. The rich colors of nature, cooler temperatures, and beautiful sceneries make it one of the most ideal times to host a wedding. Fall wedding colors usually involve colors of harvest and colors on the warm side of the color wheel. From earthy hues to rich jewel-tones to romantic pastels, anything goes this fall. To get some ideas, have a look at these fall wedding colors we are loving!

1. Vibrant orange and beige neutral color

Vibrant orange and beige is the perfect color palette for a fall wedding. The vibrant orange will add the perfect amount of color to the neutrals they are paired with. With the use of vibrant orange, the endless possibilities in floral and food will help bring this color palette to life.

burnt orange and beige neutral warm fall wedding color inspiration

Photo Credits:via Deer Pearl Flowers

/via Allan House/via Pinterest/via Jaclyn Journey/via Deer Pearl Flowers

rustic laser cut wedding invitaiton with burlap and pink paper flower

2. Dark blue and peach garden theme

Navy and pastel peach can cross over into any season. The softness of the peach against the masculinity of the navy is a match made in heaven. It is soft and romantic without being overly girly.

dark blue,peach and soft green garden wedding colors

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3. Mauve, blush and warm grey vintage wedding

Mauve and grey is an excellent color palette for an elegant, rich feeling wedding. This color palette lends itself to fall and winter weddings and the possibilities to use this color palette is endless. From invitations to flowers to linens (and even food) this rich looking palette works in so many different areas.

mauve,purple and grey vintage wedding colors ideas

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4. Moody forest wedding

Emerald and pale pink, when paired together, create an ethereal quality. There is a romantic vibe to these two colors when they are paired together. Using lots of greenery and touches of pink floral will set the perfect tone for this timeless look.

emerald green and pale pink woodland fall wedding colors

Photo Credits:via Root75/via June Bug Weddings/Photo 2,3 via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings/

via June Bug Weddings

5. Maroon red and soft green classic style

Maroon and green shouldn’t limit itself to Christmas time. This is a perfect combination for a fall or winter wedding and has the most elegant, classic feel when paired together. To use this color palette in ways other than floral:  think blackberries as a garnish to your salad and in drinks, serving mixed berry cobbler for dessert, and of course offering red wine with dinner service.

maroon,soft green and blush fall wedding color ideas for autumn season

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6. Classic plum purple and grey rustic wedding

Plum and grey doesn’t have to be limited to the fall or winter…this palette can also be done in the spring and summer in the right setting. Because the plum color is so dark be sure to offset it with lighter shades of purple and also whites and ivories so that the details of your wedding will show up better in photography. Purple has been historically aligned with royalty and it certainly will bring that touch to your wedding day.

plum purple and warm grey fall wedding colors

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7. Blush, burgundy and glittery colors

Blush and burgundy are such a beautiful balance of the pink family. There is a freshness that is brought to the wedding with the blush and a richness and classic feel that’s brought to your wedding with the burgundy. This color palette will allow for endless options when working with floral and it’s beautifully paired with silver, gold, or bronze.

blush and burgundy classic wedding ideas with glitter accents

Photo Credits: Photo 1,4 via Green Wedding Shoes/via Pinterest /via Wedding Omania/via Life In Bloom

8. Dusty pink and dark blue

Navy and dusty pink is a classic balance of masculinity and femininity. This color palette can be seen as vintage, romantic, rustic chic, or classic depending upon the choices you make with the colors. Overall it is a timeless color palette that will offer you a lot of variety and choices as you plan.

dusty pink and dark blue fal wedding inspiration with dismated bridesmaid dresses

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9. Jewel Tone Whimsinal Style

Jewel tones like plum, wine, burgundy and emrald green can be all fixed together to create a whimisical wedding. Just like the color board below!

Dark Garnet Red and Emarald Jewel Toned Fall Wedding Colors

Photo Credits:via Hochzeitswahn/via Bridal Guide/via Green Wedding Shoes/

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boho burgundy and fuchsia fall laser cut wedding invitations

10. Rust Gold and Navy

Want to get close to the mother nature? Then why not try an earthy tone?

Rust gold and navy blue fall wedding color inspiration

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via Green Wedding Shoes/via Pinterest

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