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The Best 10 Blue Wedding Color Ideas To Inspire in 2020-Part 1

Blue Wedding Colorsfall wedding colorsWedding Color Palette

the best 10 blue wedding colors

Blue is one of the most timeless and versatile wedding colors. As a large color family, blue can be divided into many different shades , such as navy blue, dusty blue,teal blue, tiffany blue,  and so on. Moreover, we can expect to see a whole lot more of this cool, tranquil hue in the months to come according to the Pantone Fashion Color Report 2020. To prove just how amazing any shade of blue looks in every wedding situation, we’ve chosen our favorite 10 blue wedding colors that will help spark your imagination. You may click to be inspired by MORE TRENDING BLUE wedding colors for 2020.

1.Dark Teal and Orange

dark teal and orange fall wedding color ideas

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2. Dark Blue and Orchid Jewel Tones
dark blue and fuchsia jewel tone chic rus

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navy blue and pink floral silver laser cut invitations

3. Classic Blue –the color of the year 2020 from Patone fashion clor report

classic blue and ligth blue combined organic garden wedding color ideas

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Classic blue invitation from Elegant Wedding Invites/via Pinterest

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4. Windsor Blue and Pastel Yellowromantic windsor blue and pasterl yellow garden wedding color ideas

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dusty blue and silver monogram wedding invitations
. Dark Navy & Dusty Blush

dark navy blue and dusty blush classic wedding colors

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