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{Special Wednesday}Top 10 Bridal Shower Ideas 2013/2014

bridal shower ideas

Happy Wednesday, dear friends! Today we’re going to talk about the bridal shower. If you have a crowd of amazing lady friends, you must have been to or planned the bridal shower parties, allowing you to take a minute to breathe and just have fun! Here I have listed top 10 bridal shower ideas and themes in the year 2013 and 2014.

#1. Tea Party Bridal Shower

tea party bridal shower

tea party bridal shower~

bridal shower invitations

High tea has always been a lovely way to spend an afternoon and get the girlie time.
#2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Theme Bridal Shower

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower

tiffany bridal shower party

Make all the decorations something blue and have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme bridal shower party! It’s great for home based party.

#3Sugar & Spice Wedding Shower

sugar and spice bridal shower

sugar spice bridal shower

This could be the perfect bridal shower theme for ladies.

#4. Country Rustic Bridal Shower

country rustic bridal shower

rustic bridal shower

Rustic theme is breakout in wedding themes, as well as bridal shower parties.

#5. Cocktail Bridal Shower

cocktail bridal shower

cocktail bridal showers

Cocktail anyone? Guests can bring their favorite cocktails and let’s PARTY!

#6. Recipe Showers

recipe bridal shower

recipe theme bridal shower

Each guest provide one of their favorite recipes and bring all of the kitchen tools for the lady who need to brush up on her cooking skills.


spa bridal shower

spa bridal shower party

If you are in love with this idea, but think it may be little expensive for you, get creative and turn your home into a spa. There are tons of facial recipes out there! Make a little facial mix, turn on some relaxing music, add a few snacks, and welcome to the spa!

#8. Timeless Vintage Shower

vintage bridal shower party

vintage bridal shower

Ok here comes the universal VINTAGE theme. Mason jars, bunting, swirly paper straws, old school drinks!

#9. Paris Theme Bridal Shower

paris bridal shower

paris bridal shower party

bridal shower invitations

If the lady is smitten with all French things, then think about a feminine and tres chic Parisian bridal shower theme, which is especially perfect for the Paris honeymoon destination.

#10. Beach Theme Bridal Shower

beach bridal shower

beach bridal shower party

Well, this is my favorite one! I’ve written the beach bridal shower before. It’s amazing!

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