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Top 10 Inspirational & Quirky Ideas for Winter Wedding Favors

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A great way to really impress guests and make the most of whatever season you plan to wed in is the favors, there are so many clever little ways to make friends and family, smile, laugh and feel satisfied at the end of a fun filled, but ever so tiring day! The great part about winter weddings is that you can really send guests away with favors that they will cherish in the moment or just find extremely useful! Here is our very own exclusive list of ideas that will warm everyone’s hearts!

top 10 quirky ideas for winter wedding favors

Snowflake Soap
Don’t worry; guests will get the festive idea with this one, rather than getting offended! Festive soap on a rope is not only practical, but it’s also a lovely little charm to hang on everyone’s Christmas tree.

snowflake soap winter wedding favor ideas

Mittens & Gloves
This has to be one of my favorite ideas, I would be so utterly happy to receive a pair of warm cozy mitts! Especially if I’d left mine at home, which is more than likely.

gloves top 10 winter wedding favors

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Snowflake Bookmarks
Another practical idea and one, which guests, can store away as a lovely keepsake. Get creative with your ideas and choose a design that really shows you and the grooms individual personalities or personal stories.

winter snowflake bookmark wedding favors

Hot Chocolate
Chocolate in a test tube, chocolate in a bauble or perhaps a pretty little mason jar filled with all the extras, marshmallows, sprinkles and a personalized sticker to complete the look.

hot winter wedding favors chocolate in mason jar

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Cozy Slippers
Imagine how happy your guests will be when they pop on their ever so comfy slippers, especially if most are staying in a hotel for the night. Granted most will not cherish this gift for years to come, but they will be extremely grateful for this idea on the day.

pink winter wedding slippers guests favors

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Heart Warming Recipes
No we’ve not gone bonkers, one friend recently told me about an idea she had to give away her Nan’s hearty soup recipe and supply with it all the necessary ingredients. Guests will enjoy making a heartwarming soup and they can cherish that recipe for years to come. Plus it totally unique!

warming winter wedding recipes favor soups for guests

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A Hot Toddy
This favor will get the seal of approval from most guests, whether or not they choose to crack it open on the dance floor or enjoy it in their own homes. Either way they’ll remember all that fun they had on your special day.

hot toddy recipes for winter wedding

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Festive Treats
From eggnog lollipops to festive gingerbread bear / men, there are so many ideas to work with on this one or you could even have a mini selection of some of your favorite sweet treats for Christmas or other winter festival weddings.

Christmas notebook gingerbread cookies wedding favors

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Smart Skincare Remedies
Impress guests with some festive and personalized lip balms and winter salt scrubs. They will be awestruck by your imagination and inventive favors that will, let’s face it really come in handy.

DIY lip balms gold winter wedding favors

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DIY Snow globes
If you’re wanting to get your hands a little busy by making your own favors, then one idea to make are some very festive snow globes, wow guests with your talents and let them admire your snow globe in their homes every winter. Now that’s one way to make a lasting impression.

DIY snow globes winter pinetree wedding favor ideas

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