Top 22 Nontraditional Wedding Cake Ideas

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nontraditional wedding cake ideas for creative couples

Who said that your wedding cake should be traditional? For the creative couples, a traditional wedding cake is somehow old school or even out of time meanwhile it doesn’t have much personality. I picked 22 nontraditional wedding cakes for you today, from unique looking to special  raw material. Have fun with these quite amazing wedding cake ideas!

country rustic whimsical wedding cake ideas

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dramatically gorgeous vintage wedding cake ideas

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            colorful macaron tower instead of a wedding cakenontraditional rustic eight-tiered cheese wedding cake comprised of assorted flavors

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creative old school nontradtional wedding cakes

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gorgeous nontriditional metallic wedding cakes

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nontraditional naked wedding cakes full with fresh fruits


nontraditional wedding cake with creative designs

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painted watercolor wedding cake ideas


            nontraditional wedding cake and wedding dessert ideastwo-tiered rice krispy wedding cake topped with bird cake toppers

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Unfrosted Wedding cake and fruit in layers

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unique delicious looking wedding cake inspiration

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unique two-tiered bundt wedding cake ideas

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            unique naked wedding cake ideas with fruitsunique white wedding cake decorated with sugar flowers

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