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Top 7 Wedding Invitation Trends-2014 Wedding Trends Part 4

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When talking about wedding invitations, they are one of the thousand small details that have to be just right in order to make your big day a perfect one. For some guests, the wedding invitations will be the only contact they have with you before the event, which will guide how others perceive it. The theme today is about the top 7 wedding invitation trends for the year 2014. Let’s check them out.

No. 1 Lace, Damask and Pearls

A classic that never fades is lace, damask and pearls, which will continuously popular and one of the hottest wedding invitations in the year 2014. For more lace wedding invitations, please click here.

vintage pink wedding ideas with lace decorations 2014

all about lace wedding invitations 2014 trends

classic and vintage lace and 2014 trending damask pink wedding invitations

No. 2 Floral

Floral wedding invitations have always been hot but in 2014 they’ll be even bigger, from traditional blooms to shabby chic patterns.

shabby chic boho inspired floral wedding ideas 2014

shabby chic vintage floral cheap wedding invitations online

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shabby chic fabulous elegant lace floral wedding invitations 2014 trends

No. 3 Vintage

You’ll see vintage luxury inspired by the Art Deco era – like Great Gatsby.

vintage key inspired 2014 rustic neutral color wedding ideas

2014 trends vintage wedding invitations with floral decorated

floral vintage wedding invitations with burlap rope decorations for 2014

No. 4 Hint of Sparkle

Whether it’s a small paillette or a frame decorated in sequins, these styles will be big bonus to your perfect wedding invitations.

modern pink and gold sparkle wedding ideas 2014

2014 rustic gold wedding invitations with hunt of sparkle

modern luxury gold and brown damask  wedding invitations with hint of sparkle

No. 5 Stripes & Chevron

The color navy blue is one of the hottest wedding colors next year and some of the weddings are nautical theme. Stripes and chevron can best describe the nautical and work with the color blue.

2014 trending gold and green chevron wedding ideas

2014 navy blue stripes nautical and beach wedding invitations online

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cheap stripes navy blue nautical wedding invitations

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No. 6 Burlap

Like it or not, burlap will increasingly work its way, but in different ways, like a burlap rope or decorated by burlap.

country rustic burlap wedding ideas for 2014 trends


fall maple leaves burlap cheap wedding invitation online rustic lace and burlap wedding invitations online

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No. 7 Color Matters More

Hot wedding colors for 2014 include coral, turquoise, peach, gray and my favorite, navy blue, all of which can be mixed with a variety of secondary colors to create a beautiful effect.


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Color CoralColor Coralas low as $0.94

Neutral ColorNeutral Coloras low as $0.94

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