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Top 8 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas 2014 Trends

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Bridal shower is an unforgettable event awaited with much anticipation by every bride-to-be, and it can be fun with all the decorations, drinks, music and of course the wedding shower themes. When talking about the themes of the bridal shower party, it differs year from year and what about the hottest bridal shower themes in the year 2014? Here I have listed top 10 2014 trending wedding shower theme ideas for your reference, and the orders are randomized.

2014 trending bridal shower theme ideas

Peach and Mint

peach and mint bridal shower theme ideas 2014

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Tea Party

retro outdoor tea party bridal shower themes 2014

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Bridal Shower Brunch

purple and orange bridal shower brunch ideas 2014

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2014 trending rustic farm bridal shower theme ideas

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Country Western

country western bridal shower ideas for 2014

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rustic backyard bridal shower ideas 2014 trends

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shabby chic vintage bridal shower theme ideas 2014

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Hint of Sparkle

pink and gold sparkle bridal shower theme ideas 2014

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