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Top 8 Trending Decoration Ideas for 2014 Wedding Receptions

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Hi guys, today we’re going to talk about wedding reception ideas. Yep, your wedding reception is the one time, maybe in your whole life, which the universe will truly revolve around you 🙂 It’s your fame and you’ll want everything to be perfect. So here comes the title today-top 8 trending wedding reception décor ideas for the year 2014.

2014 wedding reception ideas for high drama theme

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#1 Hanging Lights

wedding reception ideas with hanging lights for 2014 decorations

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#2 Arrange the Seats in a Special Way

wedding reception seats ideas for 2014 summer beach weddings country rustic wedding reception seats ideas 2014

unique modern wedding reception ideas for 2014

unique pink wedding reception ideas for seats 2014

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#3 Hanging Paper Lanterns

hanging  paper lanterns wedding reception decor ideas 2014 hanging  paper lanterns for tented wedding reception ideas 2014

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#4 Wedding Chair Decorations

green wedding reception chair decoration ideas for 2014 chair decorations for pink wedding reception ideas

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#5 Untraditional Seats

Vintage sofa seating reception ideas 2014

reception seats ideas for white and red beach wedding summer 2014

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#6 Using Vintage Chandelier

country rustic wedding reception ideas with vintage Chandelier decorations 2014 trending wedding reception ideas with Chandelier for outdoor weddings

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#7 High Drama Centerpieces

unique wedding centerpieces for modern reception ideas 2014 modern white wedding centerpieces for 2014 reception ideas

lamp inspired centerpiece for purple wedding reception ideas 2014


#8 Hint of Sparkle

sparkle wedding reception table set ideas 2014 red and gold wedding reception ideas with hint of sparkle 2014

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