Unique Modern Wedding Invitations For Your Big Day

Unique Modern Wedding Invitation – Fancy Fold Card

A fold card is one of the unique folded wedding invitation cards that have three folds with attractive designs embossed on it and a satin ribbon is attached to the back of the card to make a bow. These cards are very popular today. You could print the invitation on one side in decorative format and also have the photos of an engaged couple embossed on the other two sides. These cards are available in various types such as multiple folds, die cuts and simple folds.


Unique Contemporary Wedding Invitation – Jacket Style Card

Jacket style wedding invitation comes with an intricately designed folded cover known as jacket. This jacket holds the invitation and has a ribbon attached. Using this ribbon you could tie the jacket. There are mainly two types of Jacket style wedding invitations. One style has a die cut where the inside of the fold overlaps the other. In the second style, the jacket opens either on the top or the bottom. The left and right side is folded and the folds meet at the center.


Unique Contemporary Wedding Invitation – Bow Tied Card

You could also select a unique contemporary wedding invitation that resembles a gift. One of the styles of bow tied card is like a scroll, which is tied with a satin ribbon. There is another style where the satin ribbons could be threaded through the areas that are cut by a die and then tied. Bow tied card though expensive is attractive and would make as a unique and contemporary wedding invitation card.

A unique contemporary wedding invitation reflects the personal taste and style of an individual. Hence make sure to use good quality stationary and print. Thanks to the technology, one can create a unique wedding invitations using multimedia technology too. There are many ways by which you could create a contemporary wedding invitation card. One of them that is considered to be not only unique but also cost-effective is to send e-wedding invitations.


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