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Unique UV Printed & Vellum Wedding Invitations with DIY Ideas

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Choosing wedding invitation has a lot in common with choosing your wedding dress as both choices have a huge influence on the rest of your day. A well-chosen and gorgeous wedding invitation may worth you to keep for decades after your wedding. Like one of our customer, she has creatively made her invitation into a framed artwork. Stunning! Isn’t it? And today, I can’t wait to showcase the unique UV printed wedding invitations from Elegant Wedding Invites. This is definitely a new chic way to attract your guests!

DIY invitation artwork from EWI customer

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diy wedding invitation frame artwork

UV Printing and Invitation Introduction

UV printing is a new technique that is similar to thermography printing. The finished product of UV Printing is shiny, like plastic with a raised texture, but most importantly, it is not limited to monocolor! Therefore we also name it the full color Thermography.

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UV printed flower wreath black chalkboard wedding invitation card

UV printed blush pink lace wedding invitations

fall marsala and blush floral UV printing wedding invitations


Vellum Paper  vs  Paper Card

To follow the vellum paper trends, Elegant Wedding Invites also incorporates this new printing technique into vellum paper. And, using semi-transparent paper will give your wedding invitations a beautifully light and airy look.

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uv printed wedding invitation and uv printed vellum paper invitation

look close to see the uv printing effect on each paper

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UV printing on vellum paper for wedding invitations

floral UV printing on vellum paper for invitations

DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas with Vellum Paper

For crafty brides, UV printing and vellum paper can easily raise your diy work to higher-quality level. The following are two diy progects you can try on our UV printed wedding invitations. Wait no more, shop your favorite design and start your diy project right away!

1. The white space and layer of raised gold glitter served as a wonderful luxury contrast. And the shiny, reflective raised texture of UV printing and embellished gold ribbon further added a whole new element of luxury.

Before(click the image for the product)

summer time floral uv printed wedding invitation


pink floral and gold glitter uv printed wedding invitations with golden ribbon

2. Make a layered look by putting a piece of design underneath your semi-translucent Vellum wedding invitation, you can choose whatever fits you and your wedding style.

Before(click the image for the product)

uv printed semi-translucent floral wedding invitation cards


diy layerd vellum uv printed wedding invitations

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