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{Designer Vlog} Unique Wedding Themes and Matching Invitation Tips

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Why Invitations Matter for Wedding Theme Ideas

The elements you choose for wedding invitations according to the wedding theme ideas are very important. You have to make the decision of what things to add, how to make it look beautiful and not fall into excesses that complicate the space of the text. So, getting invitations back on track and why it matters for wedding theme ideas, let our Graphic Designer- Linda Anguiano to tell us more…

{Graphic Designer- Linda Anguiano}

She is a Professional Graphic Designer, graduated in 2006. Actually Owner in a family business named “Anguiano Graphic Design” since 2014 in México, She has helped a Thousands Brides for choose the best invite for their wedding,  inside or outside of her country.

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{Video Blog-Why Invitations Matter for Wedding Theme Ideas}

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Hi, I’m Linda Anguiano, I’m a graphic designer and wedding invitation expert, and I realize that you are looking for something unique and special for the most beautiful day of your life and that’s why I’m here with you.

and I want to give you my tip #2….

TIP#2 Thematic Wedding

Why choose a thematic wedding?

The first reason is because it would be a unique, original and different wedding, because it can show the personality of the 2 of you, maybe a part of your origin or because it can be a way in which your story began to be written.

Many choose movies, series or classic love stories as wedding themes, in which everyone has fun and get into the world of the couple, even if only for a moment.

The plus point is that many times the guest does not know much about your love story, your first date, your first movie together, a trip that has marked you, that perfect moment that made you say, I do! So this is the perfect time to bring them closer to that special moment with unique wedding theme ideas.

Why choose a unique thematic wedding for your big day


Wedding Invitations

The invitation is the first meeting of your guest to the event. It is the moment when they will know what they will find at your wedding, that they will have a unique, original and unrepeatable moment.

The thematic invitations

The elements you choose according to the theme are very important. You have to make the decision of what things to add, how to make it look beautiful and not fall into excesses that complicate the space of the text. Remember that every detail matters.


Model EWWS266

Here are some ideas for a themed wedding with the same model…

this laser cut model made by EWI is in Navy Sparkly color, inside is in color blush with envelope. And we can use it in a beautiful and very Mexican wedding.

navy sparkly laser cut pocket with blush invitation for unique wedding themes

1. Talavera Themed Wedding (Puebla Central Mexico)

The Mexican wedding with talavera decoration with origin in the State of Puebla, which is a very sophisticated version for its delicate lines and for using only two colors: White and Blue.
In this way, the decoration of the event, all the details can be left in these tones. This model is presented with a printed belt with a talavera design, with a very delicate printed interior and a combination of very nice typographies.

navy sparkly laser cut pocket fold with blush invitation for unique Talavera Themed Wedding


2. Oaxaca Themed Wedding (Southern Mexico)

Another idea within this theme, is to place typical Oaxacan embroidery flowers.
Thus, you have a very colorful wedding with all the colors in the flowers. And you can get very creative in the details of the decoration.
I made this model with a small line of printed embroidery as well as a small square card to decorate the outside.

oaxaca Wedding Themed with navy sparkly laser cut pocket blush invitation mirrored backer


3. Sarape Themed Wedding (North of Mexico)

And of course you can combine the laser cut model with the SARAPE. I decorated the model with the line of colors that looks like a sarape, as well as an exterior decoration in the shape of a rhombus. It looks very nice and combines perfectly, so you can use it to decorate the tables, chairs and some special spaces. Your invitation can be very elegant with thematic details as well.

Sarape themed wedding with navy sparkly laser cut pocket fold wedding invitations

Last but not Least

The theme you choose will be perfect for your special day! And remember that in you can find the special model that fits your ideas, plus the designers will help you in all your doubts.

Leave your invitations in the expert hands of EWI, are professionals ready to serve you.

I hope you liked it and we invite you to share this post! wait for my next TIP…


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