Variety Beautiful Summer Wedding Invitations

summer wedding invitations

You can let your guests know your summer wedding themes well before the event happens with colorful and special printed wedding invitations, or you can make the invitations yourself.


Whether simple or ornate, wedding invitations are the first impression most guests will have of a wedding, and that will tell them an important detail. Summer wedding themes are perfect for expressing the spirit of excitement and romance to your family and friends, and it is easy to make for unique and elegant wedding invitation designs.


Floral Wedding Invitations

sun flower summer wedding invitations

Flowers have been one of the most popular designs for wedding invitations, but that doesn’t make them feel boring. There are hundreds of flowers and even more styles and designs for floral wedding invites. Whether you choose to print your invitations at home or have them designed by a stationary store, you’ll find that floral wedding invitations are some of the most fresh and appealing selections.


Sun and Solar Designs on Wedding Invitations

The sun is an ever-present symbol of summer, and can be found in many classical designs on summer themed wedding invitations. Abstract looking images of the sun or sunflowers can be found in shades of orange, amber, yellow, pink and dark brown that give wedding invitations a touch of summer vibrancy and joy.


Hawaiian and Tropical Wedding Invitations

blue beach summer wedding invitations

Tropical and beach themes are very popular for summer weddings, and it’s easy to find creative invitations to convey this theme. Hawaiian – and tropical-themed wedding invitations may display: palm trees, sea shells, starfish, sand dollars, hibiscus blossoms or other tropical flowers, paired footprints or hearts drawn in the sand, flip flop sandals.

 Blue Daisy Summer Wedding Invites

It’s possible to find – or design your own – invitations with these images done in simple, classic lines or in more colorful and casual drawings. Some elaborate invitations will even attach small shells or starfish to the paper with ribbons, thread or sand-colored twine.


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