Vintage Wedding Invitations-Set the Tone for a Timeless Wedding

vintage wedding invitations

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There is something so romantic about the eras of days gone by, and there is a kind of wedding full of timeless feels, which many brides are interested in putting together a vintage wedding for their big days. To start off a vintage style wedding, we need some vintage wedding invitations to set the tone, which is what we’re going to talk about today.

Letterpress Vintage Wedding Invitations

Letterpress Vintage Wedding Invitations

letterpress vintage wedding invitations


vintage letterpress wedding invitation

Lace Vintage Wedding Invites

vintage lace wedding invitation

lace vintage wedding invitations

vintage lace invitation


Vintage Elements—Damask, Vintage Swirls, Chandelier, etc

vintage purple wedding invitation

vintage wedding invitation cards


French Style Vintage Wedding Cards

french vintage wedding invitation

vintage love birds wedding invitations


Rustic Feel

rustic vintage wedding invitation

vintage rustic wedding invitation


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