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Wedding Invitation Font Pairing Guide with Free Killer Fonts to Download

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Hi, Invitation DIY bride, this is for you! If you are planning to create your own invitations but have no idea where to start or what beautiful fonts to choose, here are some helpful tips to guide you. Moreover, I also collected some of my most favorite fonts together with nice pairing ideas to help rock your DIY invitations. All the fonts listed below are free for use with download links provided.

12 Totally Free Wedding Invitation Fonts Pairings

12 totally free font pairing to download for your wedding invitations

Links to Font Downloads:

 1. Stay Classy SLDT and Futura Book
2. Paduka Script Free Version and Sweet Hipster
3. Channel and Times New Man
4. Sweet Hipster and Montserrat
5. Oh Samantha and Cinzel
6. Mongolia Sky and Century Schoolbook
7. Ever After and Century
8. Bodoni XT and Lato
9. Amigirl Script and Footlight MT Light
10. Shorelines Script Bold and Candara
11. Scriptina and Centaur
12. Easy November and Bell MT

A Brief Description of Each Type of Fonts

Serif Fonts-Serif literally refers to the “tails” or lines added to the strokes of the letters. These types of fonts often have a more traditional look and feel.

classic ivory neutral tone wedding invitations

Sans Serif Fonts-As Serif refers to the “tails” on the letters, San Serif means “without tails”. Sans Serif fonts have a more contemporary feel. They are also easier to read at small sizes.

modern champgne gold laser cut pocket wedding invitation

Script Fonts-These are classic wedding invitation fonts. They can either appear to be hand written or in a calligraphy style with various flourishes.These are often best combined with a serif or sans serif font.

boho navy and burgundy floral calligraphy wedding invites

A Few Tips for Using Wedding Invitation Fonts

1. Make sure the fonts you use are easy to read.

2. Although the number of fonts you throw into the mix is completely up to you, it’s a good idea to keep your invitation clean and simple. And if you have enclosure cards, make sure you are consistent in using the same fonts as the invitation.

modern glittery ivory and champagne laser cut wedding invitations

3. One of the easiest ways to make a great font combination is use opposite fonts. Oftenly a curvy, elegant text works well with a more structured font. For example, you can mix script fonts for the names of the bride and groom with a serif or sans-serif font for the invitation.

Some ways to use opposite fonts:

  • Fancy font with plain fonts
  • Thick font matched with a thin font
  • Uppercase matched with Lowercase
  • Use Bold & Thin versions of the same font
  • Tall & skinny font matched with a short & fat font
  • Serif matched with a San Serif font

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