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Wedding Invitation Ideas | Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Wedding Invites

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Once you announce that you’re getting married, the first formal interaction with your guests about your wedding day will be your invitations. Wedding Invitations are more than a design simply printed on paper, there’s so much more you can do with them to make your guests feel wowed and truly unforgettable when they receive them. You may ask what we can do to make the invitations look different and beautiful that won’t break the budget or at least break it too much; there are some creative ways to upgrade or dress up your wedding invitations from basic styles to more complex/high-end designs.

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Wedding Invites

1. Laser Cut Design

Laser Cut Design – a hot trend in wedding stationery, today. Whether simple or intricate, laser cutting is sure to wow any guest with the shapes and details you can only achieve with this method. Laser Cutting comes in a variety of styles to enhance your wedding invitations, be it modern, classic, elegant, romantic, rustic, or vintage. Laser Cutting the insert cards, wraps, belly bands, or more. will give your invites a truly unique and multi-dimensional touch and look.

blush shimmer laser cut wedding invitations with glittery rose gold backer elegnat ivory and white flowers and greenery pattern laser cut invitation

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2. Glitter Papers

Glitter Paper is the perfect choice for the bride looking for the wedding invitations in a bit of pizzazz. Glittery laser cut wraps, belly bands, and card edges feature the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to dress up your invitation. The glitz and glamour of these invitations will wow your guests and set the proper tone that you are having a jaw-dropping wedding. Whether your wedding is in the grandest of ballrooms or you have a rustic chic theme, the glittery wedding invitation is perfect for you and your big day.

luxury and elegant champagne gold laser cut wedding invitation with ribbons glitter rose gold laser cut wedding invitation with pocket inserts EWWS277 luxurious silver glitter laser cut wedding invitations with ribbons

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3. Colored Layering Papers

Mounting an oversized piece of colored paper behind your invitation will allow for a border to show around the edges, give you a solid colored backing, and double up the weight of the paper. This look adds a little bit of color in all the right places. Any theme, as formal or as casual as your wedding will be, this touch is an affordable way to really impress your guests.

cheap sage green rustic chic wedding invitations ivory and gold glitter elegant wedding invites with belly band foil printing details on an elegant laser cut wedding invitation

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4. Trim Cuts

Having the invitation trimmed (meaning cut the paper into a shape) be it rounded corners, scalloped borders, or an extra fancy bracket cut, this technique really adds something special to the invitation and can change the entire look. Depending on your style and theme, you’ll know if a trim is right for you. And best of all, you don’t have to do a thing!  Trims are add-on options that are done during the printing process so they arrive to you cut and fabulous! What could be easier than that.

5. UV Printing

UV Printing may be the coolest thing ever because it creates a texture that no other process can create. UV Printing allows ALL the printed colors to have a raised texture and blend seamlessly. Other techniques that offer a texture to the ink will not allow colors to blend so closely together, but UV printing has zero restrictions on what can and can’t be done, so the options are truly endless.

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6. Colored Envelopes

Adding a colored envelope to your ensemble is possibly the easiest (and most affordable) option there is. It gets the guests attention immediately because it automatically stands out from the other neutral envelopes in the stack of mail and it just begs them to open it first.  Color coordinating your wedding colors to your envelopes really adds a custom and thoughtful touch to your overall ensemble.

colored wedding invitation envelopes blue color printed clear acrylic wedding card with blue envelope dusty blue acrylic wedding invitations wit gold border EWIA016

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7. Envelope Liners

So your guests get the envelope in the mail and go to open it…BAM! Envelope Liner!  This simple piece of paper that is cut to fit the envelope shape when opened gets mounted on the inside of the envelope and when the flap is opened, a wonderful surprise awaits…is it glittery, is it a pattern, is it laser cut…that’s for you to decide; all the guests will have to do is be wowed and completely impressed.

DIY Your own wedding invitation envelope liners

8. Belly Bands

A Belly Band (a thinner strip of paper that is wrapped horizontally around a vertical invitation) is the hottest thing going in wedding stationery right now. It can be printed or plain, patterned or not, and/or layered (especially with a glittery paper underneath in a slightly wider width) is a CHIC look. Not only does it just look beautiful, it is a handy way to keep your enclosure cards tucked neatly underneath it. Adding ribbons, tags, and charms to the Belly Band can really take it to the next level!

classy ivory laser cut wedding invitations with mirror belly band and tag EWWS290 graceful ivory and rose gold online wedding invitation with belly band classic blue and gold shimmer wedding invitation with belly band

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9. Pocket Folds

Pocket Folds open like a book to reveal your invitation inside and all the enclosure cards are tucked neatly away in a little pocket holder on the inside, too. Pocket Fold wedding invitations are fashionable, functional, and elegant. Pocket Fold wedding invitations keep all of your wedding details neat and organized, which adds a clean touch to your big day.

classic ivory pocket laser cut wedding invitation with blush and burgundy flowers design burgundy laser cut wedding invitations with ros gold belly band

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10. Ribbons or Ribbon with Embellishments like Tags, Charms, Keys, or Buckles.

Getting a ribbon that matches the colors of your wedding invitation is relatively inexpensively and it’s a good way to finish off your invitation and make it look more elegant. Some brides who love DIY ideas also will add more elements such as tags, buckles, keys, little flowers, or other detailed embellishments to the ribbon itself to make the invites in more high-end looking. It’s a simple solution that offers a lot of elegance.

lavender purple laser cut wedding invitation with hand tied ribbon tie romantic blush rose pattern laser cut wedding invitations with ribbons EWWS293 4

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11. Wax Seals

Dripping colored hot wax onto the invitation, belly band, or the seal of the envelope sounds intimidating, but it’s really quite fun! You just pour the melted wax into a little puddle and use a wax sealer stamp to imprint an initial, a design, or a pattern into the wax.  Each piece is so unique and thoughtful, because your guests know you took the time to do each and every one by hand. It’s a regal feeling touch and something that is truly special.Vintage Wax Seal Stamp Kit

white print arylic weding invitation card with wax seal elegant dusty blue laser cut wedding invitation with gold wax seal and ribbon tie chic rustic vellum pocket wedding invitation with wax seal and dry flower

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