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What You Need to Include for A Wedding Invitation Suite? (2) Tips from Our Designer-Michelle

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What You Need to Include for Wedding Invitation Suite Tips from Our Designer1


And for the last post <What You Need to Include for A Wedding Invitation Suite?(1) Tips from Our Designer-Michelle>, our designer Michelle talked about wedding invitation cards to response envelope for RSVP cards, here are the following part of what you need to include for a wedding invitation suite?

Title: What You Need to Include for Wedding Invitation Suite? Tips from Our Designer-Michelle

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Generally speaking, except for the invitation cards, following parts will be included a set of wedding invitation:

  1. Main Invitation cards
  2. Pocket for wedding invitations
  3. RSVP cards
  4. Response Envelope for RSVP cards (For 1-4 points, please click the title to know more >>> What You Need to Include for A Wedding Invitation Suite?(1) Tips from Our Designer-Michelle)
  5. Other enclosure cards
  6. Tips for Outer and Inner Envelope

5. Enclosure Cards

I like to split this up into two categories to make it easier for everyone, the large enclosure and the small enclosure. So here’s an example of both of those.

damask corner wedding invite with mirror gold paper backer and tag EWI467

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  • Large Enclosure Card

The card in the above pic is considered a large enclosure and this one is usually reserved for the details.
So typically you’ll see at the very top, it’ll say the details. You can put hotel accommodations map to the wedding venue parking information. I’ve also seen transportation and shuttle information pre or post wedding activities and also brunch Details.

  • Small Enclosure Card

So that’s the large enclosure the details card and then you also have a small enclosure, which is typically used for your wedding reception card. And for the reception card, you would only need to include if your wedding ceremony is at a different location than your reception. If they’re both at the same place, and there’s no need for this small enclosure card.

If you still need to let your guests know more details about your event, then you can use the small enclosure for listing your wedding website, you can also put registry details on here or wishing what requests.

glitter rose gold laser cut wedding invitation with pocket inserts EWWS277

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Note: You can purchase reception cards as wish cards etc on our website. It has the same design and size as RSVP card.
You can put the wordings at the section called “Your wording for reception cards” when place the order.
Or just tell us the size you want, and we can customize them for you. But in this case, you may need to pay extra.

6.Tips for Outer and Inner Envelope

Lastly, the envelope you can do a single envelope that has the return address and your guest address on the front, you can also print your return address on the back flap that’s another option. And another way of doing it a more formal way is to have a outer and inner envelope and this serves more as protection for the inner envelope and it protects your invitation suite.

Xew31000143913 e

So the outer envelope would be where you print your return address and you put your guest address on there. And
then the inner envelope would just have your guest’s name. There’s no need to put or print another address on there because it’s already gonna be on your outer envelope.

This way it protects the envelope inside because usually when you mail them out, it runs through these rollers and the envelopes kind of shoot through there, it can leave marks on the outside of the envelope. But if you have an inner and an outer envelope you’ll be protecting what’s inside and only the outer envelope will get dirty.
So that’s a very popular option as well to order both envelopes for wedding invitations.

dusty blue pocket wedding invitations with elegant blue floral pattern and wax seal sticker EWPI230

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7. Conclusion

Hopefully I explained everything a little bit more for you, hopefully it helps ease your troubles as you’re exploring your invitation options.

If you have any other topics in mind that you’d like to learn more about, please let us know and we will discuss it in the next time. 

Here is the pic to conclusion, have a look for what you need to include for a wedding invitation suite


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