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Wedding Invitation Wording – 4 Things You Should Not Say

Wedding invitation WordingWedding Stationery Etiquette

Sometimes, what’s not said on your wedding invitations is as important as what is said. You need your guests to know your names, when and where you’re getting married, but some other things are better left unsaid. If you are a bride or groom to be, some information below may helpful to you.

wedding invitation wording– 4 things you should not say

1. Gifts or Registry

Wedding registry etiquette is very clear about never making any reference to gifts or registries on the wedding invitation. It’s best to keep this information on your wedding website or share this information via word of mouth. If you absolutely need to include it, you can print it on an insert card instead of on the invitation itself.

2. No Children or “Adults Only”

Although the decision to invite children or not to a wedding is a highly debated topic with no right or wrong answer, we still suggest to never say “No children” or “Adults only” directly on your invitation; it’s better to use some other subtle ways to get this point across. When addressing the inner envelopes, you should only include the name of each person invited, this tells the guests exactly who has an invitation extended to them and who doesn’t. You can complete the “Number attending” portion of the response card and all the guest has to do is fill in their name and check “accepts” or “regrets”…this puts you in control of the total count you are allowing. You can also get the help of your parents or a close family friend to call those families who have included their kids in the response card and politely explain that you are having an adult only reception.

3. Pre- or Post-Wedding Events

Never mention pre- or post-wedding events on the wedding invitation. The rehearsal dinner information can be communicated by word of mouth or you can send rehearsal dinner invitations.  Same thing for Post Wedding Brunch…only those invited need to know, not your entire guest list.

4. Alcohol Information

It is unnecessary to put “Alcohol Free” or “Wine and Beer only” on the invitation. You are inviting your guests to a wedding not a cocktail party, surely this information will not be the deciding factor as to whether or not guests attend. If you absolutely need to add it, you can include this information on your reception cards.

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