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Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Signage

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Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Signage

Small details are crucial in any wedding. It’s these small details that will make the couple’s wedding more cohesive and elegant. Wedding signage is one of them. Are wedding signs required? Absolutely yes! Some wedding signs help guide your guests in the right direction and some simply welcome them with open arms to the celebration.


Everyone’s wedding is unique. So, what signs should you order? And how many do you need? All of this is determined by your wedding theme, size and venue. Fortunately, ElegantWeddingInvites can provide acrylic wedding signs with different uses, designs, and sizes.

unique acrylic wedding signs with greenery leaves design 1

1. Welcome Signs

It’s a nice heartfelt sentiment to start the event off by welcoming your guests to the venue with a beautiful sign. Unique acrylic wedding welcome signs can be made in different styles, from elegant to rustic, different sizes are provided as well. You can also custom wedding signs in landscape-oriented and portrait-oriented.


2. Seating Charts

After you choose your welcome sign, go with a seating chart in the same design. Seating chart signs will help guests know which table they are sitting at. Two size are provided for seating charts: 16” x 24” and 24” x 35″.

acrylic wedding seating chart plan watercolor gold greenery leaves acrylic wedding seating chart plan with painted backs for wedding reception greenery acrylic wedding reception signs with seating chart design

3. Table Numbers Cards

Your table numbers will be used to help guests find their seat. Once a guest looks at the seating chart, they will need to find their table with the coordinating table number. These table numbers are essential in keeping things organized and running smoothly.

acrylic table numbers elegant ivory and white flowers greenery wedding table numbers acrylic table numbers clear and chic calligraphy wedding table numbers acrylic table numbers with leaves branch wreath

4. Direction Signs

It’s important to let your guests know where they need to go. Directional signage should have very clear instructions to point your guests in the right direction. After all, you want your guests to have an enjoyable experience at your wedding reception. Pointing out where the bar, bathroom or dance floor is will come in very handy!
custom acrylic wedding sign clear and chic wedding direction sign

5. Table Signs

These small wedding signs have many uses. They don’t take up much space on the table, but they can inform guests of important information. It’s time to unfold your imagination! Create designs requesting attendees to sign the guest book, where to put gifts and cards, where desserts are located, remind guests using a #hashtag when uploading and tagging pictures and so much more.

clear acrylic wedding signs in loving memory sign clear acrylic wedding signs share the love hashtag signature clear acrylic wedding table signs guest book sign

6. Menu Signs

These signs can let guests know the dining options available at the reception. Instead of printing out individual menus for each guest, we would suggest having one or two large menu signs to let your guests know what they can expect to eat for the evening.

clear acrylic wedding bar menu table sign for reception clear cheers drink sign acrylic wedding signs for table


ElegantWeddingInvites strives to provide unique acrylic wedding signs to match your invitations and flexible customization services. Whether your wedding theme is classic, modern, rustic or greenery, we can help you create a complete design. We provide you with countless options and tools to achieve a professional balanced look across your wedding invitations, wedding signage, save the date cards, and thank you cards. If you need a custom wedding sign, we also have professional designers available that will be able to design anything you may have in mind.


There really isn’t a set standard size for wedding signs. It all depends on your preference and your wedding venue. We are able to provide standard sizes, which are 5” x 7”, 8” x 10”, 12” x 18”, 16” x 24”, and 24” x 35”. If you need a custom size, please contact us and we would be happy to help!

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