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What are Laser Cut Invitations and How Do They Work?

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What are Laser Cut Invitations

Laser cut invitations have become increasingly popular in the realm of wedding stationery. Many grooms and brides are choosing to shop for laser cut wedding invitations online because of the extensive range available, the convenience and the ability to customise.

1. How Paper Laser Cutting Works?


2. What are the Benefits of Laser Cut Paper?

The benefits of laser cut paper are as boundless as your imagination. With its intricate designs, precision cutting, versatility, elegance, and enhanced depth, laser cut paper elevates your invitations to a whole new level. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate event, laser cut paper with hollowed-out designs is a perfect choice for adding flair, beauty, and sophistication to your invitations.

Benefits of Laser Cut Paper


3. Various Types of Cut-Out Patterns

Laser cut invitations offer a wide range of cut-out patterns to suit different themes and styles. Discover the endless possibilities of expressing elegance and beauty through various types of cut-out patterns. Whether you’re drawn to the delicate intricacy of lace, the organic allure of vines, the natural charm of leaves and flowers, the striking symmetry of geometrical shapes, the captivating allure of portraits, or the timeless appeal of monograms, there’s a cut-out pattern to suit every taste. Join us on a journey to explore the enchanting world of cut-out designs.

Elegant Vintage Lace Laser Cut Black and Gold Foil Wedding Invitations EWWS335

Luxury Glitter Champagne Laser Cut Wedding Invitation EWWS342

Blush Flower Laser Cut Wedding Invitations EWWS354

Elegant Gold Vintage Inspired Laser Cut Wedding Invitations EWWS327

Modern Great Gatsby Inspired Black and Gold Foil Laser Cut Wedding Invitations EWWS339

Burgundy and Gold Floral Laser Cut Wedding Invitation with Gold Foiled Belly Band EWWS343

Delicate Laser Cut Panel Pocket With Digital Printing Wedding Invitation EWWS362


4. What Paper is Best for Laser Cutting?

As a professional laser cut invitation card provider, we have done a lot of research. From thin to thick, matte to metallic, smooth to textured, and even special types like glitter or mirror paper, laser cutting can be effectively applied to a wide range of papers. So, feel free to experiment and explore the possibilities that laser cutting offers with different paper types.

Paper Best for Laser Cutting


5. Are there Brown Edges on Laser Cut Paper?

The Nature of Laser Cutting: Due to the fact that lasers technically cut the paper by burning it, the brown/burnt edges are inevitable, though subtle.

Minimizing Brown Edges: Although the presence of brown edges on laser-cut paper is inevitable to some extent, we take great care to ensure a clean and pristine.

laser cut wrap


6. Does ElegantWeddinginvites Offer a Custom Laser Paper Cutting Service?

Yes, we offer a custom laser paper cutting service, customers can personalize their invitations with unique designs. Customers can collaborate with our team of experts to create custom patterns or choose from their extensive collection of pre-designed templates. With our expertise and advanced laser cutting technology, ElegantWeddinginvites ensures precision and attention to detail in every invitation.

Samples Available

See just how gorgeous laser cut wedding invitations are by ordering a sample. You simply have to feel the paper quality and admire the intricate details by holding it in your hands. Samples are available for $4 each. Order as many as you like!

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