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What Is Acrylic Sheet?

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Basic knowledge of acrylic

What Is Acrylic Sheet?

Acrylic in the modern era is used for a variety of applications, from the ever so popular acrylic nails to acrylic signs, from sales displays to roof windows. But, what exactly is acrylic? And why acrylic sheet is so popular now? … Let us have a look together.

1. What is acrylic sheet?

What Is Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic, which is also known as plexiglass, is created when a chemical reaction occurs between a monomer and a catalyst. Plexiglass is a common term used for acrylic, other names for acrylic are Lucite, Acrylic Glass or Acrylite.

Nowadays, acrylic is usually sold in sheets of various thicknesses, but it can also appear in other forms (such as rods or tubes) as well as clear, frosted, mirrored styles.

2. Why acrylic sheet is so popular now?

Advantages of Clear Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheets are widely used because it makes an excellent alternative to glass. Being weatherproof, lighter, stronger and safer whilst providing prized glass-like assets such as clarity, brilliance and translucency.

Besides, acrylic sheets can be printed with colorful UV raised printing and unique screen printing, which can take the design to a whole new level of chic.

That is why we choose acrylic sheets to customize acrylic wedding invitations, acrylic table numbers cards, or acrylic signs for new couples. And unique acrylic invitations can matching different wedding themes. We list some special advantage of acrylic sheets on the right pic, let us have a look.

3. Common types of acrylic sheet

There are a variety of acrylic sheets such as clear acrylic, white acrylic, colored acrylic, mirrored acrylic, light diffusing acrylic, solar tinted acrylic, non-glare acrylic. We would like to introduce 5 styles of acrylic sheets in details here.

Clear – The top contender when it comes to acrylic sheets is made out of crystal clear plastic that closely resembles glass but is much more durable. You can see directly through the acrylic, which makes it one of the more popular choices. Design elements like florals and text look stunning when printed on this type of acrylic!

Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Frosted – Frosted acrylic adds depth and elegance to any acrylic suite. The frosted texture from this acrylic resembles vellum paper because of its opaque appearance. It gives off a more muted contrast between the text and the background. This type of acrylic also has a smoother feel.

Frosted Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Mirror – With its glass like appearance, it’s the most luxurious and elegant of the acrylic sheets. Although it may look like a fragile mirror, it is made out of a much more durable plastic. You can see the reflection of the design printed on top, which adds to its luxurious look!

Mirror Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Black – Black acrylic sheets are elegant and versatile, providing a bold and dramatic backdrop for invitation designs. They offer a sleek and contemporary look, making them popular for formal events, such as weddings or corporate functions. Black acrylic can be paired with metallic or vivid-colored elements to create striking contrasts and visual impact.

Black Acrylic Wedding Invitations

4. What is acrylic sheet used for wedding?

More and more new couples prefer to choose acrylic sheets to make their big day more chic and unique recently. From the most familiar acrylic signs, acrylic invitations to wedding favors, from acrylic arch, reception chairs to acrylic wedding centerpieces, acrylic can be anywhere in your wedding day. A few samples are listed following, you can have a check.

Acrylic wedding Sign & Taber number & Card box

5. The disadvantage of acrylic sheets and how to care them?

The first disadvantage of using acrylics is that it scratches more easily than glass. Keeping your acrylic sheets wrapped in a soft fabric or neatly stored in a box can avoid scratches.

The other not so great quality about acrylics is it can easily be stained by grease or oil. Just remember, don’t clean it with alcohol or oil when you see a smudge, just get a soft cloth to wipe it down.

Protect Film for the Acrylic

And, if you indeed love our acrylic cards but a little worry about the quality, you can order one sample of acrylic cards and envelopes on our website to check.


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