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Your wedding invitations, cake, and favors are great ways to show off your wedding theme to guests. Whether you love the idea of a beach theme, peacock theme, or bohemian themed wedding, we have all the advice and inspiration you need to make your vision a reality.


Rustic weddings are all about making something old, look completely chic on your wedding day. Boho weddings are easy and relaxed and paying attention to floral and attire can really help get this theme across to your guests.

Vintage weddings can be filled with meaningful touches…if it’s your grandmothers old sewing table that holds the guest book or wedding cake or lots of pictures of family that has married before you, with a vintage wedding, everything that’s old is new again, AND completely sweet and charming.

Beach wedding are so easy to pull off since Mother Nature has already set the space for you. It’s easiest to work with a beach theme when you work WITH the environment. Plus a few free shells placed here and there never hurt anything either.

Romantic / Elegant Wedding are what most little girls dream of….you are the princess of the day, love is in the air, and everything is perfect in every way. The easiest thing to think of when planning a Romantic/Elegant Wedding is to choose what is classic and timeless and, voilà, you have a Romantic/Elegant wedding.

Think bling and black tie and glamour and formal are sure to follow. A proper invitation will set the right tone so your guests know what to expect before the big day rolls around. When you plan, if you think, “Would this be celebrity/magazine worthy?”, if the answer is “YES!”, then you definitely have a Glamourous and Formal wedding on your hands.

DIY Wedding Ideas are filled with custom touches. This is the perfect theme for a crafty bride or a bride with an entourage that is big enough (and willing) to help you pull it off.

If you decide on an “Out of the Box” theme, be prepared to incorporate it into everything. For example, if sunflowers are your theme, obviously they will be in the bouquets, but they can become the Ring Bearer “Pillow”, a sunflower seed favor table awaits, and of course they should be sprinkled on your salad as a garnish at your Reception meal. The key is take it, and RUN with it!